If These Trees Could Talk

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Blog that manages to paint itself with trees and nature.
This is the prettiest ode, the greatest hymn and the sweetest, yet bitter, symphony to nature and Mother Earth.

Please, enjoy the wonders of post-rock to truly experiencece this blog (click play above).
Let the emotions take over and lead you to a far away trip.
List of songs will be updated when I feel it, new suggestions are always welcome!

Have a safe ride.

guys, i’m dedicating full time to my main blog


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untitled by hannuuuuh on Flickr.

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untitled by hannuuuuh on Flickr.

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K’inich Ajaw (by Andreas Voegele)

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Misty Blue Mountains, Australia. By Tree Porn.

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竹林 II by moriyu on Flickr.

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Pensées by Paul Andrews

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